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August 17 2017 06:29:26
"None will exist to say whether you were defeated by valor or cruelty." ~ Truth and Reconciliation

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User Name Shes a Reb3l
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Date Joined December 28 2009 18:16:06
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Birthdate August 18 1990
Character Biography

Iema 'Kai Zykur is one of the few remaining Councilors after the Great Schism.

Earlier on, she had always been a different from the average Sangheili female. Combat always interested her and she spent her time questioning older members of her family about tactics, weaponry, ect. Under her Uncles (who was a Spec-Ops at the time) watchful eye, Iema began to practice a variety of combat-based techniques such as close-combat and weaponry.

At the typical age of a male to join the Military, she stood in front of several Sangheili Councilors and requested permission to join the fight. After some deliberation, they agreed to allow her request under the circumstance that Iema would have to demonstrate her skills and knowledge. After several psychical and mental tests, she exceeded expectations and was allowed to start her training immediately.

Although she is smaller and somewhat weaker than the average warrior, Iema makes up for it in agility and cunning. Applying her advantage properly, she was able to rise through the ranks and quickly became an Ultra. She lead several ground assaults in her position, each just as successful as the other, before being promoted to Field Master and eventually, Ship Master.

Iema commanded the Divine Integrity, a CCS-class Battlecruiser. She led her ship with extreme care and vigorous zeal as she lended a hand in the destruction of several human worlds, such as Madrigal, Harvest, and Reach.

Shortly after the destruction of Reach, she received orders to slip space jump to Halo Alpha, where she was to supervise the retrieval of an artifact deep within a swampy region of the structure. Unfortunately, the artifact turned out to be a sealed Forerunner catacomb that held the devious Flood. She quickly made her escape, fighting through most of the wave with duel Energy Swords, but lost her entire squad. Wounded and broken, Iema returned to her Ship, displease with the outcome as a whole and began to question the very Gods of their intentions.

As she stood in front of the Council and reported on her missions failure, Iema was removed from her ship due to her mental state and her questioning of the Gods. She was devastated, until she received an encrypted message from the Prophet of Regret asking for a meeting.

During the meeting, the Prophet explained her removal was merited but he had closely followed her campaign, and found her abilities to be extraordinary. Hoping to renew her faith in the Great Journey, he offered her a position on the Council under the circumstance that she would leave her doubts behind. Deeply honored, Iema accepted and forgot her doubts, much to the Prophets relief.

Iema served on the Council to the best of her ability, until the Great Schism. She narrowly escaped death due to the Brutes underestimating her power. Once she was out of their clutches, she quickly made contact with the Shadow of Intent and joined Rtas 'Vadum and Thel 'Vadam in the fight against Tartarus and the Brutes.

After Tartarus' demise, Iema joined the crew of the Shadow of Intent and followed the fight to Earth, serving as a warrior and adviser where needed. After entering the Ark, she led small teams of troops to slow their enemies progress until the final chapters and escaped on the Shadow of Intent before the rebuilt Halo structure detonated.

Iema has since then reclaimed the Divine Integrity and its crew. The Ships whereabouts are currently classified.
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